Tuesday 31 January 2017

January Cards 2017

Black Pearl Kirarina Wink Glitter Pen Review CANCELLED due to Dog!

My dog just had a fight with a Black Pearl Kirarina Wink Glitter Pen and lost! I purchased the dogs (I also have a Westie) a monthly “Bark Box” subscription for Christmas, and inside the December box was a wonderful stuffed natural bone. While I was busy labeling my stamps and dies, Taylor was busy in his dog bed chewing on his bone…or so I thought. But no! he somehow lifted my new glitter pen from the shipping box and was chewing on it instead. Results: Taylor and dog bed 0, glitter pen 10. While I tried to remove the remnants left behind with a thorough bath, I think I will have to wait until his beard grows out. As for the dog bed, time will time as it is in the wash. Stupid dog!
He is so proud of himself…go figure-yummy dog bone or glitter pen???
Stupid Dog-cute and adorable yes! but still a stupid dog!

You can see by this image. Taylor should have a white muzzle!
Now I have to order another pen!

January Cards

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